Top 15 Things to See in Central Park, NYC

Over the years, I have visited Central Park in all kinds of weather and in good times and bad.  I’ve tried to catch concerts in the pouring rain, watched kids sledding on thick blankets of snow, sought shelter under the foliage of tall trees on humid, scorching summer days and sauntered around in a sweaterContinue reading “Top 15 Things to See in Central Park, NYC”

A Beach Day (or not) in Montauk, NY

There are a couple of notable beaches along the coast of Montauk, which lies at the very eastern tip of Long Island in New York.  Having seen the Montauk Lighthouse already, and not wanting to join the crowds at some of the better-known beaches like Gin Beach and Ditch Plains, we opted to book aContinue reading “A Beach Day (or not) in Montauk, NY”

Top 5 Beaches near NYC

A sandy beach may not be the first thing that comes to mind when someone says “New York City” but consider that it is surrounded by water, not to mention the stretch of land named Long Island that is attached to it, and the famed Jersey Shore on the other side….it turns out there areContinue reading “Top 5 Beaches near NYC”

A Day in Historic Philadelphia, PA

Philly is a great weekend getaway, whether you’re traveling as a couple or solo.  Downtown is safe, walkable and easy to get to if you’re on the eastern seaboard.  Here are the top ten historical sites to see, all within a six-block area of downtown. Plan to spend the day taking in a dazzling amountContinue reading “A Day in Historic Philadelphia, PA”

4 Days in Washington D.C.

The week between Christmas and New Year’s turned out to be a great week for a 4 day getaway to Washington D.C. As Congress was out of session for the holidays, downtown was nearly empty, although the continuing pandemic may have had something to do with it as well. We lucked out with decent, ifContinue reading “4 Days in Washington D.C.”

NYC Christmas Markets

Visiting the Christmas markets in New York City is an essential activity during the holiday season in New York. It’s a great activity if you’re traveling solo. There are a number of markets, but the top three are at Union Square, Bryant Park, and Columbus Circle. While it’s possible to see all three in oneContinue reading “NYC Christmas Markets”

One Day in Brooklyn – Gowanus

Brooklyn is a borough of New York City, with 36 neighborhoods contained within it. It’s tempting to list the top places to see in Brooklyn and call it a day, but an itinerary like that would be quite exhausting. With an area of almost 100 square miles, you would spend most of the day onContinue reading “One Day in Brooklyn – Gowanus”

4 Days in Boston, MA

A historic and walkable New England city, Boston makes for a great 4 day getaway.  It is easy to get to from NYC, with plenty of places to stay in, dine at, and explore.  You can be as active as you want, maybe running the half marathon “A Run to Remember” honoring Boston’s first respondersContinue reading “4 Days in Boston, MA”

The Freedom Trail – Boston, MA

The 16 official sites of Boston’s Freedom Trail take you from the oldest public park in the nation, the Boston Common, all the way through the history of the American Revolution to the Bunker Hill Monument, the site of the Battle of Bunker Hill in 1775 which was the first major battle of the RevolutionaryContinue reading “The Freedom Trail – Boston, MA”

A Weekend in Sag Harbor, NY

One sunny Labor Day weekend, we set out from NYC on the Hampton Jitney for a couple’s weekend getaway to Sag Harbor. It had the charm of an old whaling port that has been transformed into a hangout overflowing with the casual sophistication of the Hamptons. Where once Indians would set out on whaling boatsContinue reading “A Weekend in Sag Harbor, NY”