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Top 15 Things to See in Central Park, NYC

Over the years, I have visited Central Park in all kinds of weather and in good times and bad.  I’ve tried to catch concerts in the pouring rain, watched kids sledding on thick blankets of snow, sought shelter under the foliage of tall trees on humid, scorching summer days and sauntered around in a sweater…

A Beach Day (or not) in Montauk, NY

There are a couple of notable beaches along the coast of Montauk, which lies at the very eastern tip of Long Island in New York.  Having seen the Montauk Lighthouse already, and not wanting to join the crowds at some of the better-known beaches like Gin Beach and Ditch Plains, we opted to book a…

Top 5 Beaches on the New Jersey Shore

With 130 miles of sandy beaches stretching from Sandy Hook to Cape May, the New Jersey shoreline offers much to explore, and every beach has its own vibe and character.  Most beaches are easily accessible by the NJ transit system, making it a cheap and easy getaway if you live in the area.  While you…

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