Coopers Beach, NY

The highlight of our trip to the village of Southampton in the summer was an afternoon on Coopers beach. With public access to the Southampton shore, it has views of sparkling ocean waters and an expansive sandy beach against a backdrop of multi-million dollar beach homes.

Coopers Beach

Southampton was established in 1640 making it the oldest English settlement in the State of New York, but today it is home to the mega rich, and celebrities like Howard Stern and Rachel Ray have homes here (according to Business Insider). You can make this part of a larger Hamptons road trip unless of course you’re lucky enough to know someone who lives here or are renting a beach house. We actually made the three hour train ride on the Long Island Railroad from New York City all the way out here just to go to Coopers beach!

Coopers Beach

We got up early that morning, my friends. Arriving at the Southampton train station around lunch time, we headed out on foot down North Main Street and then South Main Street through town. We stopped at The Village Cheese Shoppe, 11 Main Street for some excellent breakfast sandwiches which we ate nestled at a little cafe table by the window. This small shop was packed with local residents going in and out for their weekend coffee and such.

Coffee to go at Southampton Village

As we walked towards the shore, we enjoyed so many iconic scenes of tree-lined lanes like the ones you see in movies such as “Something’s Gotta Give”, mansions lining the road hidden from view by mile-high hedges, and smaller houses nestled amongst quaint gardens.

Tree-lined lanes
Southampton houses

We made a right and headed towards Meadow Lane where Coopers Beach is located, seeing many more beach homes along the way.

Beach homes

Coopers Beach is often on top beaches in the U.S. lists, and considers itself the #1 rated beach in America. Access is free, chairs and umbrellas can be rented, and for food there’s a very nice shack for fish sandwiches, hot dogs and lemonade called Coopers Cafe.

We had a lovely afternoon hanging out along with more people than we thought would be there, given as this is often hyped as a more exclusive and secluded beach. Nevertheless it was clean and quiet. We found a nice spot near the water, and as the afternoon wore on, the beach cleared out a little so we got our fill of ocean views.

Slowly, we packed up for the long walk and train ride home. We had a couple of fish sandwiches and fries from the cafe before heading home, but if you have the time I recommend dinner at 75 Main, an Italian restaurant we’ve eaten at before that is also a known Southampton hang out.

As determined as we were to finally visit this beach, despite the long voyage there and back, it has made it to the top of our most loved NY beaches too.

Date of trip: August 2019

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