Top 5 Beaches near NYC

A sandy beach may not be the first thing that comes to mind when someone says “New York City” but consider that it is surrounded by water, not to mention the stretch of land named Long Island that is attached to it, and the famed Jersey Shore on the other side….it turns out there are numerous attractive beaches relatively close to New York City.  

Whether you are stuck in the city on a sweltering mid-summer day surrounded by skyscrapers or there on a weekend visit, it is good to know that in almost no time you can escape to the beach!  Here is a list of my top five, including how to get there. 

5. Long Beach, Long Island

This is the first New York City beach I ever went to, mainly because I lived in Manhattan, and it is a very easy and comfortable train ride from New York Penn Station to the Long Beach stop on the Long Island Railroad (LIRR).  They even sell round trip tickets that include the beach pass.  Once you get off the train the beach is literally across the main road and steps away. 

Long Beach, Long Island

It is a long beach, hence its name, with a great boardwalk about two miles long.  You can rent bikes and bike along the boardwalk, or just find yourself a spot on the beach to soak in the sun. 

When you get hungry, the city of Long Beach has numerous restaurants, pizza shops, ice cream parlors and the like located along Park Avenue with a casual atmosphere for eating in or taking away.

4. Asbury Park, NJ

Asbury Park Beach, New Jersey

This once was a major recreational getaway, which has undergone a lot of renovation.  It is still the spot to catch live bands play at places like the Stone Pony, or to play arcade games.

The beach itself is crowded and lively, with an atmosphere that is a little on the funky side.   You can go on and off the beach, getting sweet lemonades and French fries from the board walk.  Afterwards take a stroll to the renovated convention center and stop for some ice cream from Betty’s Ice Box. 

Asbury Park

When you get hungry, you can get some dinner at the renovated restaurant Café Moonstruck, which was the famed Raspberry Café back in the eighties.

3. Jones Beach, Long Island

Over six miles of white sand can be found on Long Island’s Jones Beach, one of New York’s largest beaches with over six million visitors in an average summer season.  Part of Jones Beach State Park, it is considered “the people’s beach”, and there really is something here for everyone, including biking, surfing, swimming, or taking in a concert.

Jones Beach, Long Island

Most people drive here as there are large parking lots available.  However, one can also get here on the LIRR and a connecting bus. 

Eating options are a little more limited, and most people bring their own food to the beach.  We managed a quick lunch when we were here at the Boardwalk Cafe, which has burgers, hot dogs and the like and is located near a lot of concession stands for more options for snacks, ice cream etc.

Boardwalk Cafe

For more information on what to do, see Jones Beach, NY.

2. Long Branch, New Jersey

Heading over to the other side of Manhattan is the long coastline of New Jersey, known as the Jersey Shore, which has something like 44 different beaches to explore.  The first beach I ever went to in New Jersey, and still one of my favorites, is Long Branch.  Most of the main beaches on the Jersey Shore can be accessed by taking the New Jersey Transit system, or you can rent a car.

Long Brach, Long Island

Long Branch has a renovated boardwalk and several hotel and dining options nearby, so it comes close to feeling like a beach resort. 

Along with a clean beach and a 8.2 mile long boardwalk, Long Branch has a center called Pier Village.  When you need a break from the beach you can grab a sandwich, get a coffee or saunter through the shops there.

  1. Montauk, Long Island

You can ride the LIRR all the way to the last stop, which is Montauk.  It’s a long train ride from NYC, about three hours, but there are plenty of beach hotels in the area near places like Ditch Plains Beach or Montauk Beach where you can stay for a longer visit. There are car and taxi services available that make getting around easy. 

Montauk Beach, Long Island

When you have had enough sun, you can feast on the freshest seafood at Gossman’s, have a beer at the outdoor patio of the Montauk Brewing Company, or check out the Montauk Point Lighthouse, the first ever built in New York State. 

Montauk Point Lighthouse

For more on what to do in Montauk, see A Day in Montauk, NY.

Whichever beach you choose, it is sure to add a very memorable day to your vacation if you plan to take in a New York or New Jersey beach day.

This article was originally published in the Kelly Diane Report.( and has been modified from the original.

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