A Day in Nantucket, MA

“Nantucket!  Take out your map and look at it.  See what a real corner of the world it occupies;” – Herman Melville, Moby Dick Once a whaling village in the 19th century and then part of the then-booming whaling industry that swept the globe, Nantucket, Massachusetts is a cornerstone of early American history.  The charactersContinue reading “A Day in Nantucket, MA”

A Presidential Retreat – Martha’s Vineyard

In the 19th century Martha’s Vineyard was an epicenter of the American whaling industry, sending thousands of whalers off on their ships from the port in Edgartown (for more on the subject, see Whaling on Martha’s Vineyard by Thomas Dresser). In prior years Presidents like Ulysses S. Grant and Grover Cleveland had made trips toContinue reading “A Presidential Retreat – Martha’s Vineyard”